The ongoing field study featuring the smart chainsaw is progressing well. Our current focus is testing the chainsaw in collaboration with “Forstbetrieb Roding” of BaySF, specifically in mixed forest stands with strong tree diameters. The recorded work steps include cutting a felling notch, making a felling cut, delimbing, and performing separation cuts. Raw data captured by the saw’s integrated sensor box is streamed to laptops and recorded for analysis.

The cooperation between our team and the forest management and workers of BaySF has been excellent. In the event of any issues with the prototypes, the STIHL developers are readily available by phone to provide quick assistance.

After the initial days of operation, a preliminary examination of the raw data reveals a promising and unique treasure chest which the iFOS team will evaluate in the upcoming weeks.

Left: Simon Baier (iFOS) collecting raw data. Right: Julia Kemmerer (BaySF IuK) and Simon Baier exchange views on the future of forestry work.