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We develop tailored solutions in the field of forestry – technically profound, sophisticated and future oriented

The forestry industry is facing dramatic changes due to climate change and a very tense economic situation. That is why there is currently considerable momentum toward new technologies. Currently, many individual solutions are being developed all over the sector, in which isolated added values are generated, but from which no whole picture emerges.

Prof. Dr.  Martin Ziesak identified a concrete need for action to create holistic solutions that, function independently of manufacturers, connect existing technologies and map the vision of smart processes with smart machines. Therefore, iFOS GmbH was founded by Martin Ziesak in 2018.



iFOS is an internationally operating industry-related research, engineering and advisory company in the field of forestry. Moreover, iFOS supports its clients with services in the field of forest sciences. iFOS is contributing to projects that make a difference.

Machine-to-Machine Communication

In the context of industry 4.0, we connect machines manufacturer-independently. This creates value by automation of your work processes, as well as from insights through advancing data analysis. 


We provide industry-related research in the forestry sector, as well as forest science services.

Forest Road Condition Monitoring

We hold in-depth know-how for forest road condition monitoring and are ready to share our expertise with you.


We assist you with our wide-ranging knowledge in the field of forestry and forestry related technology.


Prof. Dr. Martin Ziesak

Dr. rer. silv.


Simon Baier

M.Sc. Forest Science
M.Sc. Geogr. Inf. Science
B.Sc. Forest Science and Resource Manag.

Lukas Schreiber

M.Sc. Forest Science
B.Sc. Aerospace Eng.

Ram Sai Chigurupati

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering


Jakub Wolosz

B.Sc. Forest Science

Current Projects

iFOS is significantly contributing to the following publicly funded projects:

Smart Forestry

Development of cross-cluster approaches based on Forest and Wood 4.0 concepts for intelligent, fully integrated timber harvesting.
Project term: October 2021 to September 2024


Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for Forest Roads.
Project term: June 20221 to June 2024.


Development, prototypical implementation, and practical testing of a “Forest Data Space”. The platform will enable cross-value chain monitoring of CO2 balances. The seamless integration of machinery enabled by our iFOS middleware system across the timber harvesting process is key to ensuring accurate precise carbon tracking. Further objectives are optimized truck routes and reduced emotional stress for forest workers.

Partners and Customers

Our success is based on close cooperation with our partners:



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