Our first field study in the Smart Forestry project is about to begin in the coming days. In this globally unique experiment, we will test a smart chainsaw from STIHL equipped with advanced capabilities. This innovative MS500i prototype chainsaw can detect its position and motion in space and simultaneously record important parameters from the powertrain, including engine speed.

The main objective of our study is to derive production parameters for the harvested wood. Similar to a harvester head, the chainsaw will accurately record the location and assortment of every stem section. This information will be invaluable within the context of Industry 4.0, as it can be shared instantly with other participants in the harvesting chain, such as skidders, forwarders and so on. This enables the seamless transfer of data regarding the dimension and position of the log sections.

We are excited to collaborate closely with esteemed partners including STIHL, BaySF, and RWTH Aachen University in the upcoming days for this field study.

Lukas Schreiber and Simon Baier conducting the initial dry tests of the STIHL saw and software.